Our Parts

At Guique we design and make high quality, innovative parts for enthusiasts looking to build, customise or enhance their guitars.

Concept and Design

We can take a part from a sketch to reality in a relatively short time frame whilst retaining total control over quality and design.

Aircraft Grade Aluminium

Guitar hardware is traditionally made from heavy steel or low-quality die cast zinc.  Guique parts use machined aircraft grade aluminium for superior strength.

Rapid Prototyping

Designs are produced in a CAD software package and 3D printed to test for appearance and fit.  If they look good in plastic they look incredible as finished products.

Hand Finishing

After the part is machined, it’s inspected and deburred, hand polished and colour anodised.  Anodising is a safe, hard wearing, lightfast finish that brings the parts and your guitar to life.
We live surrounded by colour and creativity, so why be constrained by tradition. Guique up your guitar and share your own creatively with the world.